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How to ensure high quality products?

How do TBB keep product quality & service at a high level?

High product quality:

Good quality is the core of company development. TBB never stops improving its quality level. Except for collaboration with 3rd party bearing test center, who carries out its work in accordance with authoritative certifications, e.g. CNAS, etc., TBB pays much attention to quality control on the whole production. Raw material & heat treatment are the key steps of the whole bearing production, which impact the most on bearing quality. TBB requires every supplier to provide inspection report of every production step and final product quality report.


Satisfied service:

Easy communication: TBB Customer Service Team consists of multiple linguists who know bearing industry well, like English, Japanese, Russian, Cantonese & etc. Customers are welcomed to use their mother language.

Quick response: Email, telephone, Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat…Through multi-communication tools customers can contact TBB at any time.

TBB Goals: 1. Answer in 48 hours after inquiry received.

           2. Delivery time accuracy with rate of 98%

           3. Complaint rate less than 2%, which handled within 7 days


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