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With years of experience, TBB notice the importance of professional knowledge in bearing field, and highly values the professional knowledge training of its staff. From the very beginning when new staff comes in to the office, there will be a basic training about bearing knowledges, such as the bearing types and series, international and domestic bearing standards, producing progress, common applications etc. Also, there is a 1.5 hours updated knowledge training each Wednesday morning for all members to catch up modern technologies. Periodically TBB organize a study to related factories in order to have a better understanding of the knowledge learnt.


Herewith some topics of our courses:


Professional Bearing Knowledge Training includes,

1.       Bearing processing procedure & operation principle

2.       The importance of seal material & design in bearing application

3.       Technology Advancement in Plain Bearing Market

4.       Basic knowledge of bearing testing methods, machines & different standards

5.       History and development of automotive bearings in China

6.       Evaluation of bearing loading conditions in rotating equipment

7.       How to prevent bearing failure

8.       Etc.


Professional Business Skills Training includes,

1.       New customers development

2.       Customer service

3.       Commercial communicating skills

4.       Aftersales service when comes to complaints

5.       How to be more effective when attending or visiting fairs

6.       Etc.


TBB will never neglect its staff training, not before, not in the future. Training helps to keep up with the times, training helps TBB to go faster and further in the future.



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